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Leading undertaking of the association is the International Exhibition GREEN IS LIFE that has been organized since 1993 in Warsaw - the largest branch event of B2B type (business-to-business) in Poland and Central Europe.
The exhibition has a popularization role in presenting the abundance of plants, nursery achievements, novelties and inspirations, promoting the knowledge of plants and practical solutions.

Polish Nurserymen Association acts on the basis of the act Law on associations of April 7, 1989 (Journal of Laws No. 20, position 104) and statute. It is incorporated in the Register of Associations of the National Court Register with the number 66013.

Polish Nurserymen Association was established in the autumn of 1991 by a dozen producers of nursery ornamental material. From the beginning it was assumed that the members of the association must meet high ethical and professional requirements. The association was consciously formed as a non-profit organization to facilitate the implementation of the main goals.

Polish Nurserymen Association is the association of tree, shrub and perennial as well as fruit plant manufacturers.

Its main goals are:

  • representation and protection of interests of associated nurserymen,
  • promotion of greenery and plants as well as popularization of knowledge of trees, shrubs and perennials,
  • dissemination of modern production methods and knowledge needed for conducting a nursery enterprise.

Leading undertaking of the association is the International Exhibition GREEN IS LIFE that has been organized since 1993 in Warsaw - the largest branch event of B2B type (business-to-business) in Poland and Central Europe. The exhibition has a popularization role in presenting the abundance of plants, nursery achievements, novelties and inspirations, promoting the knowledge of plants and practical solutions.

Polish Nurserymen Association for its members

Promotion of greenery and plants are the tasks for which Polish Nurserymen Association has been created by the Agencja Promocji Zieleni Sp. z o.o. It supports its actions through the popularization of nurseries and creation of green life-style. It is the organizer of the International Exhibition GREEN IS LIFE and its tasks also include publishing of work closely related to nursery production promotion of the union members such as Catalog of Plants, Catalog of Perennials and Catalog of roses recommended by the Polish Nurserymen Association. Constant cooperation with media and PR activity leads to the popularization of knowledge of use of plants.

Polish Nurserymen Association:

  • is invited to give opinions and consult legislative work,
  • is the expert for consumers.

Polish Nurserymen Association is a member of the European Nursery Stock Association and partner for others operating in the greenery branch (Polish Association of Gardening Centers, Polish Association of Green Areas Contractors and Landscape Architects).

2018 - Competition Jury

Alicja Cecot

A graduate of the Faculty of Horticulture at the Agricultural University in Krakow and postgraduate journalism studies at Jagiellonian University. Editor-in-chief of the bimonthly “Szkółkarstwo” for 14 years.  Worked as an editor for the magazine “Hasło Ogrodnicze”. Deputy-editor of the quarterly “Kwiaty”.  She is published in numerous gardening magazines at home and abroad, including FloraCulture International, Kertészet és Szőlészet. Co-author of the book “Potrety Kwiatów” and translator of English language books (including “Kompozycje kwiatowe”). A speaker at many trade conferences connected with national and international horticultural trade fairs. Currently editor of “Pod Osłonami” and portal
Honory laureate of the Honorary Green Laurel award, granteded by the Polish Nurserymen Association.


Wiesław Gawryś
Polish Academy of Sciences Botanical Garden

Graduate from Horticultural Technical School in Sochaczew and the Faculty of Horticulture at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences.  Has worked at the Botanical Garden of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw for 37 years. Initially, as dendrologist, then a specialist in tropical plants, and more recently involved in native flora. He serves as the Deputy Director.  Has participated in many botanical expeditions in Poland and abroad, among others to North Korea., Vietnam, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Russia. Author of more than 250 popular scientific articles on dendrology, tropical plants and Polish flora.  Author the Latin-Polish dictionary of Herbaceous Plants. Primarily interested in Polish flora, the rules of botanical nomenclature, photography and his own garden.
Honory laureate of the Honorary Green Laurel award, granteded by the Polish Nurserymen Association.


Eike Jablonski
Luxembourg College of Agriculture, Ettelbruck, Dept. of Horticulture and Arboretum

Lecturer for dendrology and nursery management at the Luxembourg College for Agriculture, horticultural department (LTA) in Ettelbruck, Luxembourg, and also responsible for the woody collections and the propagation department.
Active as ISHS ICRA co-registrar for the genus Quercus and ISHS-ICRA registrar for the genus Tilia. Interested in cultivated plant taxonomy and nomenclature, with a main interest in genera of woody plants, especially the genera Quercus, Tilia, Sambucus, Spiraea and Crataegus. Currently building up the “lost cultivar project” with the aim to search and save ornamental woody plants which are no longer in cultivation or are thought to be extinct. President of the German Dendrology Society, Council Member of the International Dendrology Society and serving on the Taxonomy Committee of the International Oak Society. Member of HORTAX, serving on Group based in Wisley, England. He writes a regular column on cultivated plants in Luxembourg, is author of many articles in several magazines and journals and contributed
to major German works on dendrology, such as Enzyklopädie der Holzgewächse, Fitschen Gehölzflora
and Enzyklopädie der Gartengehölze.


Marek Jezierski

Graduate of Landscape Architecture at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Polish television presenter, writer and speaker on horticulture. Over the last twenty five years he has hosted and presented television gardening series “Rok w Ogrodzie”. He is a prolific author and has written numerous articles devoted to plants and gardening. Winner of the prestigious Honorary Green Laurel award granted by the Polish Nurserymen Association for dissemination of knowledge about plants, their use and benefits.


Izabela Kaszuba
Polish Association of Garden Centers

Graduate of the Horticultural Faculty at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Owner of the Flora Point Świat Roślin garden center, offering a full assortment of potted plants, garden plants, cut flowers.  Member of the Polish Association of Garden Centers.


dr Wojciech Podstolski
Polish Dendrology Society

A graduate of the Faculty of Biology at the University of Warsaw and doctor of biological sciences at the Insitute of Biochemistry and Biophysics at the Polish Academy of Sciences. Longtime collaborator and author of numerous articles concerning plant compositions and monographs of select types, published in magazines such as Kwietnik,  Ogrody and Zieleń to Życie.  Since 2009, he has worked in the Botanical Garden of the University of Warsaw, where he modernizes and develops the collection of the Plant Systems Department. He also consults about selection of plant species for garden designers. At the Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw, he lectures and conducts seminars on the history and upkeep of gardens, as well as the species selection and plant compositions. Member of the Polish Dendrology Society and ICOMOS.


Maja Popielarska

Graduate of Landscape Architecture at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Popular and well-liked weather presenter on television since 1999. Since 2004 she has her own advice show about plant care and garden design – “Maja in the garden”. Author of gardening books. Winner of the prestigious Honorary Green Laurel award granted by the Polish Nurserymen Association for instilling and developing the passion of gardening in society.


Karen Tambayong
The International Association of Horticultural Producers

Was born in Indonesia, and was educated in the fields of architecture and horticulture. She has travelled extensively to many countries and cities taking part in programs, seminars or conferences on green cities, and now she serves as the Chairperson of Green City Committee of AIPH (International Association of Horticultural Producers). She is a practicing professional of greening cities as the owner of Floribunda Nursery. She has had many green city planning, design, and implementation projects done very successfully. In addition to serving as advisors, officials of many international organizations, her one of the major domestic duties is the Indonesia National President Commissioner of State-Owned Plantation Company.


dr Wiesław Szydło
chairman of the Jury
Polish Nurserymen Association, Szkółka Drzew i Krzewów „Iglak Niewierz”

A graduate of the Faculty of Horticulture at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. As a researcher at the Department of Ornamental Plants for 25 years, he taught classes, gave lectures and seminars about ornamental nurseries. Author of numerous scientific publications and books, including “Ornamental Nursery”, “Propagating conifers”, co-author and editor of “Catalog of Plants”, “Plants for every garden” and popular scientific articles published in the columns of most magazines appearing on the market devoted to ornamental plants. Vice-president of the Polish Nurserymen Association, member of the Polish Dendrology Society, member of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice. For 25 years, also operates his own nursery farm.


2018 - EXPO XXI

The 26th edition of the international “GREEN IS LIFE” plant trade fair, together with the third edition of Flower Expo Poland, took place on 6-8 September in Warsaw at EXPO XXI.This successful eventcombined two complementary sectors presenting the offer of plants andproducts for the garden along with cut flowers, pot plants anddecorations.The fair was held under the slogan “Collection of  Benefits”.


Nearly 300 exhibitors from 10 countries took part in the fair –Poland, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Ecuador, Japan and Ukraine. Foreign exhibitors represented 97 companies–which is1/3 of all exhibitors. The largest number of foreign exhibitors were companies from Holland –both in the “Green is Life”and Flower Expo Poland parts, where firmsassociated underRoyal Flora Holland, the largest European flower auction, had a strong presence. The floristic sector at the fairwas represented by over 60 companies.

Fair visitors

Nearly 17 000 guests from 36 countries visited the fair. Of which more than 7 500were professionals -7,2%more than in previous year. The first 2 days were mainly devoted to professionals.They represented:

  • producers of garden plants - nurserymen and other horticultural growers (27.45%),
  • sales manandmanagers of commercial companies (including garden centers and market chains)(16.41%),
  • landscape architects and designers of green areas (23.06%),
  • local government specialists dealing with public green areas (6.05%),
  • florists, flower shopowners, wholesalers, flower growers (9.58%)
  • suppliers of gardening technologies, products and services (7.22%).

The presence of decision makers was a very positive factor -owners, managers and directors, accounted for 62.02%of total industry visitors. Foreign visitors to the fairs comprised some 7.2% of all industry customers, originating from 36 countries. The most numerous groups of guests came from Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and the Netherlands. Clients also came from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Denmark, Belgium, as well as from such distant locationsas: China, Indonesia and Kenya.

Strong and diverse plant offer

Thesynergy of these two trade shows created aunique show, the biggest in Poland, for the entire flower, pot plants and garden industry. The ccustomerswere presented with a very wide and diverse range of plants.

The presentation devoted to bedding plants and perennials dedicated to growing on balconies and terraces was a novelty of this year edition. The Horti Flower Showexposition was a joint initiative of leading young plants suppliers.It was joined by an interesting joint seminar titled “Potential of urban gardening -how to meet the needs of today's consumers” addressed to growers, nurserymen and landscape contractors, attended by nearly 300 people.

The most important features of the fair in Warsaw include the largest presentation of plants in the country together with an accompanying offer of technologies and accessories addressed to various market segments, the international character and extensive program of events. It is distinguished by well prepared exhibitions in addition to ready sales ideas and inspirations. You could see not only "must haves", but also new plants, productions and announcements of what will appear next season in the industry - in garden centers, flower shops, supermarketsand DIY stores as well as in private gardens.

Nurserymen and other horticultural growers displayed shrubs and deciduous trees, conifers, roses, creepers heathers and balcony plants in various sizes and forms. There were also trees dedicated to public greenery and so-called soliters - expressive, often trimmed, large copies for private gardens or commercial investments. The offer of herbs and fruit cultivars for commercial production and amateur cultivation, mainly berry plants, was clearly evident. A noticeable trend is perennials and grasses -present on many stands in the form of compositions or ready-to-copy beds. Due to the excellent time frame, the offer of cut Christmas trees and accessories for the holiday season was traditionally strong.

The Floristic sector

At Flower Expo Polandpresented wereboth cut flowersandpot plantstogether with all kinds of additional materials used by florists and interior decorators. Polish and foreign companies presented a wide range of pot plantsand cut flowers. Very popular among the professionals and the clients were the air purifying plants. Both the exhibitors andthe florists were benefitting from being present at the fair. The flowers, plants and floristic additionals presented by the exhibitors were being used at the stage demonstrations to multiply the synergy effect. The florists and flower shops were offered samples of trendy but at the same time sellable pieces. Lots of inspirations were offered during many shows and in the 4 showrooms of different flower shop interiors: “Glamour”, On the Go”, “Fusion” and “Modern”. The floristic program was complemented byinteresting seminars for florists and workshops. Not only floristsand flower shop owners, but representatives of wholesalers, distributors and buyers from supermarket chains displayed a keen interest in the Flower Expo Poland offer. Whole Saturday was devoted to presenting the plants –showing them in different arrangements and underlining the healthy benefits they offer. It was met with great interest by the consumers, florists, flower shops and garden centers as the interest for green plants in Poland is steadily growing.

Technologies, decor and publications

Specialized equipment and devices for the production of plants was part of the Technology Department's offer. The other part was devoted toequipment for careof green areas, both public and private.Various types of planting machines, mowers, cutting equipment and small tools were presented here. Professionals were also interested in fertilizers, plant protectionproducts, substrates, packaging systems, software and logistics solutions.In the "decor" segment, both large flower pots, gazebos and furniture, as well as small items in various styles were presented, for the garden and interiors. Landscape designers were particularly interested in the offer of design and visualization software as well as related practical workshops.

Publishers present at the fair offered books and magazines. There was also the premiere of the long-awaited Perennial Catalog recommended by the Polish Nurserymen Association.

Fair program

The industry program was addressed to several recipient groups: plant producers, sellers, landscape architects, contractors, floristsand retail representatives.Landscape architects and those dealing with urban greenery took part inconferences and workshops. One of the leading guests was Dutch designer Niek Roozen, author of numerous projects in Europe and China, awarded numerous prizes at international competitions.

On Saturday, that was open to the public, free lectures, demonstrations and presentations were available.

We may proudly say that the collection of benefits was achieved at this edition of the joint fair.

Next edition, 27th GREEN IS LIFE Expo and 4th FLOWER EXPO POLAND 5-7 September 2019 at EXPO XXI



This year, for the first time, plant novelties may be requested to admission to the competition not only by exhibitors of GREEN IS LIFE. We kindly invite all persons who want to popularize and promote their plants - growers, nurserymen, authors of new varieties.

Organized by Polish Nurserymen Association, PLANTS NOVELTIES COMPETITION is a constant event of International Exhibition GREEN IS LIFE (Warsaw, 6-8 September 2018) and only such competition in Poland. Its aim is to extensively promote new, interesting varieties of trees, shrubs, climbers and perennials. So far, the participation in the competition was reserved only for participants of trade (exhibitors). However, this year, the management board of Polish Nurserymen Association for the first time enabled admission of novelties for broader circle of interested parties - breeders, authors of new varieties, growers and nurserymen who do not have to be exhibitors, but they wish to popularize and offer them to the broader circle of recipients. The plants are assessed and awarded by the international jury. The special distinction of journalists has been awarded for 2 years.


The participation in the Plant Novelties Competition provides many benefits connected with the promotion of novelties requested to admission and their authors. Portraits of plants are published not only in the exihbition guide, websites of the exhibition , Polish Nurserymen Association  and e-catalogue of plants but they are also widely promoted in national and international gardening magazines, TV programs and via social media.  The winning plant is printed on the cover of Nurserymen Catalogue.

Prizes and distinctions are awarded during the inauguration of exhibition in the presence of many journalists. The great location of stand, where the novelties are presented, ensures that most of guests who visit the trade, starts their visit from visiting the competition display.


The subject of the competition are plants such as trees, shrubs, climbers, subshrubs and perennials from 1-7b USDA climate zones which meet the criterion of novelty. As novelties are regarded new taxa, which have been recently introduced to production and/or are cultivated in Poland  for a little while (since a couple of years) or they were introduced to production after a long break. Those plants  should be available for sale. Details of requirements, criteria, organizational information can be found in the rules of competition at:


The request to admit varieties to the competition on the basis of the application form, which together with photographs shall be submitted to  the office of Polish Nurserymen Association, Al. Jana Pawła II 80 office 71, 00-175 Warsaw or sent via e-mail at:  up to 2nd  July 2018 to 23:59. Registration fee for each variety requested to admission  amounts to: EUR 140 for exhibitors and EUR 240 for who do not take part in the exhibition. Plants admitted to the competition shall be delivered one day before the opening of the exhibition, i.e. 5 September 2018 up to 12:00 to the office of the trade organizer within the area of exhibition in number from 1 to 10 units depending on the size of plants.



Registration Card .pdf 

Registration Card .docx



2017 - Expo XXI

Exhibition Edition: .25
Term: 31 August- 2 September 2017
Exhibition theme: Chillout in the garden
Number of visitors: 16 860, including 7 037profesionalis
Number of Exhibitors: 300 Exhibitors
Exhibitors from: Poland, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Lithuania, Italy, Africa, South America.