24 July 2019

Festuca 'Miedzianobrody'

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Festuca 'Miedzianobrody' PBR

Tufty, evergreen grass with attractively colored inflorescence shoots. It grows up to 20-30 cm in height (during flowering up to 50-70cm). The dark green leaves are very narrow, may turn rust colored on tips at the end of autumn and in the winter. Flowers appear from June to July, collected in small, spiky inflorescences. The copper color of the blades is a characteristic feature distinguishing this variety.

The plant requires a sunny location and permeable ground. Tolerates poor soils and water scarcity, frost resistant (zone 5).

Plant recommended for individual planting or in groups in home gardens and urban greenery, on perennial and grassland beds, on moors, rock gardens and in containers.

Polish cultivar selected by Krzysztof Słowiński, found as a mutation on an unmarked fescue with blue leaves, introduced to the market in 2019 by the Szkółka Słowińscy Krzysztof Słowiński.

Applicant: Szkółka SŁOWIŃSCY, Ląd 48, 62-406 Lądek, Poland