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GRUDZIŃSKI Józef Szkółkarstwo Ozdobne – ,,Metalex''
62-610 Sompolno
Sycewo 18

phone: (+48) 632714210
mob.: (+48) 502348433
mob.: (+48) 509269181
fax: (+48) 632614404

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Szkółkarstwo Ozdobne – ,,Metalex'' Józef GRUDZIŃSKI

The members of ZSzP are: Józef Grudziński i Szymon Grudziński

Production profile

The firm has produced nursery stock since 1975. We offer the highest quality plants in a wide assortment. We specialise in the production of shrubs, perennials and climbers in containers and large specimens of field grown coniferous and avenue trees. We work with numerous companies in Poland and abroad. Please take a look at our offer!
Sales wholesale and retail