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KRYT M.M. Młody Materiał Szkółkarski Marcin KRYT
05-505 Prażmów
Wola Prażmowska, ul. Działkowa 14

phone: (+48) 227362079
mob.: (+48) 601374602
mob.: (+48) 603670158
mob.: Małgorzata Kr

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M.M. KRYT Młody Materiał Szkółkarski Marcin KRYT

The member of ZSzP is: Marcin Kryt

Production profile

We specialize in the production of coniferous, young nursery stock (in P9) and trees and shrubs for amenity plantings (using container and field grown plants). We choose maternal plants by taking into consideration health characteristics, ornamental and production values. We provide professional advice to our customers and ensure all aspects of supplying plants. We have experience in exporting plants to eastern markets.
Sales wholesale and retail

Nursery offer (offer from February 2019)

coniferous 212 offered

deciduous 236 offered