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KUSIBAB-POPOWICZ Paulina i Popowicz Mirosław Gospodarstwo Ogrodnicze Waganowice S.C.
32-090 Słomniki
Waganowice 44A

phone: (+48) 124426050
mob.: (+48) 535600153
mob.: (+48) 607178304

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Gospodarstwo Ogrodnicze Waganowice Paulina KUSIBAB-POPOWICZ i Mirosław Popowicz S.C.

The member of ZSzP is: Mirosław Popowicz

Production profile

We specialize in producing plants in the P9 pots but some of our nursery stock is also sold in seedling trays and C1.5, C2, C3 containers. The following fruit plants: aronia, highbush blueberry, honeysuckle (Haskap berry), large fruit blackberry, raspberry, tayberry, strawberry raspberry, plum, amelanchier and cranberry can be found on our offer. We also recommend ornamental plants such as: birches, lilacs, lavenders and ornamental cherries. We’re part of a group in-vitro Kusibab.
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Nursery offer (offer from September 2020)

fruit 48 offered