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Polish Nurserymen Association acts on the basis of the act "Law on associations" of April 7, 1989 (Journal of Laws No. 20, position 104) and statute; it is incorporated in the Register of Associations of the National Court Register with the number 66013.
It is a member of the European Nursery Stock Association and partner for others operating in the greenery branch (Polish Association of Gardening Centers, Polish Association of Green Areas Contractors and Landscape Architects).

Polish Nurserymen Association is the association of tree, shrub and perennial as well as fruit plant manufacturers. Its main goals are:

  • representation and protection of interests of associated nurserymen,
  • promotion of greenery and plants as well as popularization of knowledge of trees, shrubs and perennials,
  • dissemination of modern production methods and knowledge needed for conducting a nursery enterprise.

Leading undertaking of the association is the International Exhibition "Green is life" that has been organized since 1993 in Warsaw - the largest branch event of BTB type (business to business) in Poland and Central Europe. The exhibition has a popularization role in presenting the abundance of plants, nursery achievements, novelties and inspirations, promoting the knowledge of plants and practical solutions.

Polish Nurserymen Association for its members:

  • publishes informative "Nursery Newsletter", containing regular theme sections, monitors changes of binding provisions of law ,
  • undertakes work leading to beneficial interpretation of the provisions,
  • organizes collective nursery expositions and information stands of the Polish Nurserymen Association at the prestigious international and national exhibitions,
  • conducts interesting workshops and trainings, involving high class specialists,
  • annually publishes the Catalog of Nurseries and disseminates it free of charge among individual and institutional recipients,
  • publishes current information concerning nurseries with the information about their production on www.polskierosliny.pl
  • constantly updates, prepared by its experts, the database of plants produced by members, establishing at the same time uniform nomenclature used in offers,
  • provides current information about varieties protected by law,
  • looks after the integration of the association ,
  • organizes national and international excursions to the leading nursery companies in Europe and other parts of the world.

Promotion of greenery and plants are the tasks for which Polish Nurserymen Association has been created by the Agencja Promocji Zieleni Sp. z o.o. (Greenery Promotion Agency). It supports its actions through the popularization of nurseries and creation of green life-style. It is the organizer of the International Exhibition "Green is life" and its tasks also include publishing of work closely related to nursery production promotion of the union members such as "Catalog of Plants" and "Catalog of Perennials", recommended by the Polish Nurserymen Association. Constant cooperation with media and PR activity leads to the popularization of knowledge of use of plants. The web page www.zszp.pl containing the Internet Catalog of Plants is also of great help in the promotion of nursery products .

Polish Nurserymen Association:

  • is invited to give opinions and consult legislative work,
  • is the expert for consumers.

Association story

The first reference showing the existence of nursery production on Polish land comes from the end of the XVIII century. This production started to grow rapidly in the middle of the XIX century.

After Poland regained independence, the first national organization was founded in Warsaw in 1924 – the Polish Association for Producers of Trees and Shrubs. Its first president, who served until his death, was Piotr Hoser. The purpose of the Association was to bring order to the lively market, adhere to plant selection, and the introduction of quality and qualification norms. In 1926 its members started to affix the association’s logo on their price lists and catalogs, the guarantee of high quality plants and professional integrity.

In the period between the wars, nursery specialization also took place. Firms were set up that produced perennials or root stock.  There were also fruit tree nurseries operated at the highest level. They were owned by outstanding pomologists, scholars and experimenters.

In the first half of the XX century, many valued Polish varieties of ornamental plants were released to the market, many known and propagated to the present. They include Fraxinus pensylvanica ‘Crispa’, Robinia pseudoacacia ‘Rozynskiana’, Thuja occidentalis ‘Aurescens’, Thuja occidentalis ‘Hoseri”, Betula ‘Hoseri’, Picea pungens ‘Białobok’.

After the Second World War, nursery production in Poland could not develop. Its revival –both private and state, did not take place until after 1956. In the 1960s, dynamic progress was noted in rose nurserymanship. Production levels grew quickly. The production of deciduous trees and shrubs also developed, in part through the qualification of nurseries. In the 1970s the production and export of roses expanded.
The country’s deepening economic crisis in the 1980s led to difficulties in selling plants and a definite slump in the production of trees and shrubs.
After 1989 nurserymen faced new challenges and opportunities. They took advantage of them, hence nursery production is the fastest growing area of horticulture in Poland.
The Polish Nurserymen’s Association was founded in the fall of 1991 by a dozen or so producers of ornamental nursery material. It quickly was noted in the chronicles of Polish nurserymanship, becoming an heir of traditions and the legacy of this industry.

From the outset, it was presumed that Association members would have to meet high ethical and professional requirements.  The association was consciously shaped as a non-profit organization in order to facilitate realization of the main (initially the existence of the Association) objectives, that being cooperation and mutual assistance of association members and community integration. The idea of founding such an association was coherent with the expectations of nurserymen, who – dispersed throughout the country – had no sense of common objectives or occupational solidarity.

Initially, there were 53 members in the Association. At the present time the Polish Nurserymen’s Association is the largest nursery association in Poland.
As the association develops, new activity objectives are being marked out, such as:

  • popularization of knowledge about plants, shrubs and perennials in society
  • facilitating contacts between producers and sellers
  • improving the quality of nursery material
  • increasing the plant assortment produced at nurseries
  • modernizing technologies of plant production

At the present time it is not difficult to find a farm which has achieved western European standards. Product quality is constantly being improved as well as care to prepare plants for sale. The number of specialized nurseries is increasing.
The main activity which the Association is known for includes:

  • International Exhibition “Greenery is Life” and a conference for persons dealing in greenery,
  • annual publication of a Catalog of Nurseries and Association Members
  • organization of General Meetings of Members, as well as training and lectures during such meetings
  • organization of trips for Association members,
  • working out catalogs of plants recommended by the association,
  • promotional activity and cooperation with the media.


These are the authorities of Association

  • General Meeting of the Members
  • The Authorities
  • Board of Control
  • Arbitration by one's fellow - workers

Term of Association's authorities lasts for 3 years.



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