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KOMSTA Gospodarstwo Szkółkarskie Zofia Komsta i Monika Komsta
24-170 Kurów
Klementowice 176

phone: (+48) 818823045
mob.: (+48) 602646475
mob.: (+48) 664265008

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Gospodarstwo Szkółkarskie KOMSTA Zofia Komsta i Monika Komsta

The member of ZSzP is: Monika Komsta

Production profile

The nursery was founded in 1974, by Kazimierz and Zofia Komsta. We specialize in production of avenue deciduous trees, which we offer in containers and field grown (ballot and bareroot). Our trees decorate many cities, parks, garden allotments, both in Poland and abroad. We invite you.
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Nursery offer (offer from September 2014)

coniferous 2 offered