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KOSOWSCY Specjalistyczne Gospodarstwo Rolno-Ogrodnicze
91-358 Łódź
ul. Jeziorna 42

mob.: (+48) 606448291
mob.: (+48) 509273208

voivodeship łódzkie

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KOSOWSCY Specjalistyczne Gospodarstwo Rolno-Ogrodnicze

The members of ZSzP are: Anna Bilska i Adam Bilski

Production profile

Kosowscy is a family farm operating continuously since 1948. We specialize in the production of yew - mainly Taxus media Hicksii. Large material 3-4 m of height, dug, in containers and young nursery stock destined for further production. We also propagate plants using the in-vitro method in our own laboratory. We offer material from the glass and acclimatized in multiplates. We propagate species such as: magnolia, clematis, rhododendron, gerbera, phalaenopsis. We reproduce other species using the in-vitro method on individual orders.
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Nursery offer (offer from January 2023)

coniferous 1 offered