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KUSIBAB-WYKA Aleksandra Gospodarstwo Ogrodnicze
32-090 Słomniki
Prandocin Iły 88a

phone: (+48) 123857944
mob.: (+48) 509937482

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Gospodarstwo Ogrodnicze Aleksandra KUSIBAB-WYKA

The members of ZSzP are: Marcin Wyka i Aleksandra Kusibab-Wyka

Production profile

Our nursery specializes in production of high quality cuttings of berry plants (highbush blueberry, sweetberry honeysuckle, blackberry, raspberry, lingonberry, cranberry, aronias) and ornamental plants (lilacs, rhododendrons, kalmias). We offer both plants for further production, and adult nursery stock for plantation and for garden centres. The cuttings are avaiable in containers from P9 up to C3. We’re part of a group in-vitro Kusibab.
Sales wholesale

Nursery offer (offer from July 2016)

ericacae 79 offered