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MIZAK Szkółki Drzew Alejowych i Krzewów Ozdobnych
24-100 Puławy
Dobrosławów 66

phone: (+48) 818806296
phone: (+48) 606217901
mob.: (+48) 602728125
mob.: (+48) 606217901
mob.: (+48) 602775646
fax: (+48) 818806296

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Szkółki Drzew Alejowych i Krzewów Ozdobnych MIZAK

The members of ZSzP are: Adam Mizak, Leszek Mizak i Przemysław Mizak

Production profile

Our nursery has been existing since 1985. We specialize in production of avenue trees in containers. In offer we also have field grown trees (ballots and bareroot), and coniferous and deciduous shrubs in containers. All plants come exclusively from our production. We are inviting you sincerely.
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Nursery offer (offer from June 2016)

deciduous 122 offered

fruit 2 offered

roses 1 offered