NOWACZYK Jolanta i Jan Szkółka Krzewów Ozdobnych
63-740 Kobylin
Wyganów 1

phone: (+48) 655482418
mob.: (+48) 606259639

voivodeship wielkopolskie

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Szkółka Krzewów Ozdobnych Jolanta i Jan NOWACZYK

The members of ZSzP are: Jan Nowaczyk i Nikodem Nowaczyk

Production profile

We specialise in production of grafted conifers. We produce over 400 varieties of pines, spruces, firs, Japanese umbrella pine and other conifers. Beside standard grafted plants we offer collector’s novelties (grafted conifers).
Sales wholesale and retail

Nursery offer (offer from November 2013)

coniferous 238 offered