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PUDEŁKO Antoni Szkółka Krzewów Ozdobnych
43-332 Pisarzowice
ul. Ogrodnicza 2

phone: (+48) 338457360
phone: (+48) 338456219
fax: (+48) 338457360

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Szkółka Krzewów Ozdobnych Antoni PUDEŁKO

The member of ZSzP is: Antoni Pudełko

Production profile

Our nursery is a family business operating since 1958. We offer: - rhododendrons - Japanese azaleas and large-flowered - Japanese maple - shaped plants - BONSAI - Perennials and grasses - Grafted conifer and deciduous trees in containers and field grown.
Sales wholesale and retail

Nursery offer (offer from January 2019)

climbers 2 offered

coniferous 101 offered

deciduous 110 offered

ericacae 53 offered