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SKALNIAK Szkółka Roślin Ozdobnych Ewa i Bartosz Rogozińscy
98-105 Wodzierady
Dobków 17A

phone: (+48) 723103266
mob.: (+48) 516140015

voivodeship łódzkie

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Szkółka Roślin Ozdobnych – SKALNIAK Ewa i Bartosz Rogozińscy

The members of ZSzP are: Ewa Rogozińska i Bartosz Rogoziński

Production profile

We are a family gardening farm with a perennial profile. We specialize in the production of perennial bedding plants, ornamental grasses, ferns and ivy. We produce plants in containers from P9 to C3. We also produce plants to special order. We sell wholesale and retail. Since 2012, we have been running an online store - www.skalniak.pl , which allows you to check the availability of currently offered plants and place an order with delivery. We always help in selecting plants and provide information related to breeding. We are located only 20 km from Łódź. We invite you.
Sales wholesale and retail

Nursery offer (offer from February 2024)

climbers 1 offered

perennials 380 offered