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WAWRUCH Ryszard, Pelc Krzysztof Szkółka Roślin Owocowych i Ozdobnych w Pojemnikach „Józefina”
96-321 Żabia Wola
Józefina, ul. Mazowiecka 3A

phone: (+48) 468578448
mob.: (+48) 601072965
mob.: (+48) 603873106
fax: (+48) 468578448

voivodeship mazowieckie

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Szkółka Roślin Owocowych i Ozdobnych w Pojemnikach „Józefina” WAWRUCH Ryszard, Pelc Krzysztof

The members of ZSzP are: Ryszard Wawruch i Krzysztof Pelc

Production profile

The nursery has been existing since 1986 in the center of Poland on the route S8, 30 km from Warsaw. We are one of the first and few nurseries offering a wide selection of trees and shrubs in containers, including many old varieties. 70% of our production are ornamental plants: coniferous, deciduous, climbers, heathers.
Sales wholesale and retail

Nursery offer (offer from August 2021)

climbers 92 offered

coniferous 319 offered

deciduous 881 offered

ericacae 149 offered

fruit 226 offered