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WAŻYŃSCY Szkółki Roślin Ozdobnych
99-321 Śleszyn
ul. Kasztanowa 40

phone: (+48) 661466988
mob.: (+48) 603052444
mob.: (+48) 604188396

adres 3
99-321 Śleszyn
ul. Kasztanowa 10

adres szkółki 2
99-311 Bedlno
Pniewo 37

voivodeship łódzkie

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Szkółki Roślin Ozdobnych WAŻYŃSCY

The members of ZSzP are: Bartłomiej Ważyński, Marcel Ważyński i Adam Ważyński

Production profile

We offer ornamental trees and shrubs, fruit, deciduous and coniferous. A very wide range and high quality of plants enable comprehensive supply. We export plants to many European countries. We have three independent nurseries with the following specializations: Young nursery stock in containers P9 - Ewa and Bartłomiej Ważyńscy - Nursery in Śleszyn. Mature plants grown in containers from C1 to C15 - Adam Ważyński - Nursery in Pniewo Large plants, field grown and in containers C20+ - Marcel Ważyński - Nursery in Śleszyn
Sales wholesale and retail

Nursery offer (offer from January 2019)

coniferous 161 offered

deciduous 389 offered

fruit 51 offered

perennials 56 offered