8 January 2018

Catalogue of Nurseries 2018

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Table of Catalogue of Nurseries' contents 2018

Foreword by the Chairman of the Polish Nurserymen Association
Board, regional representatives, office of the Polish Nurserymen Association

List of members of the Polish Nurserymen Association:
- Honorary members: 2
- Regular members: 214
- Senior members: 5
- Supporting members: 2
new members : 11

Localisation of Nurseries
Alphabetic list of nurseries
Supporting partners of the Polish Nurserymen Association
Listing of plant groups produced at particular nurseries
Polish-Latin dictionary of genus names
Latin-Polish dictionary of genus names
Plant Novelties Competition 2017
Cover – Astilbe COLOR FLASH 'Beauty of Ernst'- GOLD MEDAL in Plant Novelties Competitions 2017