16 July 2019

Buxus microphylla 'Rococo'

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Buxus microphylla 'Rococo'

This is a dwarf, evergreen shrub with flattish round habit. After 10 years it reaches 50 cm in height. As it gets older it becomes wider. At the beginning its small, elongated leaves are intensively light green and glossy, later they become darker, matt, they grow at acute angle on stiff, upright shoots. The shrub has small requirements, grows best in well-drained soil, with neutral or alkaline pH. It tolerates drought and polluted air. It grows well both in full sun and semi-shady and shady locations. It is worth covering the shrubs which grow in sunny locations with sun shading net in winter. Hardiness zone: 6a. An attractive shrub recommended to be grown in a natural or trimmed form in historical gardens, particularly suited for low borders or covering small areas. It can be planted in pots.

The variety is introduced to production in Poland after a long break

Applicant: M.M. KRYT Młody Materiał Szkółkarski, ul. Działkowa 14, 05-505 Wola Prażmowska, Poland