16 July 2019

Pinus nigra SUMMER BREEZE 'Aron'PBR

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Pinus nigra SUMMER BREEZE 'Aron'PBR

This is a slow-growing, dwarf variety of black pine, creating a dense, oval-shaped crown with bristly texture. After 10 years the tree reaches 1 m in height. The needles are long, dark green, gathered in two on short shoots. This is a new variety, in which cones have not been observed so far. The plant requires highly sunny locations, it is very tolerant of soil but it does not like wet and not drained soil. Hardiness zone: 5b. The variety is perfect to be planted in pots placed in sunny balconies and terraces, in small home gardens, together with heathers and in rock gardens.

Breeder: Gabor Nemeth, Hungary

Applicant: BREEDERPLANTS V.O.F., Botterwerf 14, 2804 MK – Gouda, The Netherlands