6 April 2020

Gardening - a remedy in pandemic times

Podziel się!

Keeping fit and healthy is important at any time, but during the coronavirus pandemic, it is critical.  If you have a garden or outdoor space, then you have a place that you can use to maintain your health and well-being.


Science has proven that gardening is good for you!


With as much as one-quarter of the world’s population currently in coronavirus lockdown now is the time to use your time in the garden or balcony to keep safe and healthy too.

 As ‘the world’s champion for the power of plants’ the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) has pulled together the scientific evidence that shows how gardening and being in the garden will help to keep you well.


  1. Gardens provide a place for experiencing nature which is proven to benefit mental health, cognitive functioning and emotional well-being.
  2.  Gardening reduces depression, anxiety, obesity and heart disease as well as increasing life satisfaction, quality of life and sense of community.
  3.  Gardens are essential to supporting recovery from illness and merely looking at gardens can reduce stress, blood pressure and muscle tension


Above all of this, the coronavirus lockdown provides the time and opportunity to create the garden you always wanted, producing a sense of pride and of course pleasure for you and your whole household.


In some countries, many garden centres and retailers are closed, but you can still buy plants online and also use the time to prepare the garden for when you can re-stock.  It is also the perfect time to introduce children to gardening in preparing their own growing areas and sowing seeds.

 AIPH Secretary General, Tim Briercliffe commented, “These difficult times of staying at home open new opportunities.  Many people will have so much more time for their gardens and will begin to appreciate the joy of gardening for the first time.  Gardens are going to play an important role in keeping society happy and healthy, and the garden industry stands ready to support success in this area wherever we can.”