10 October 2008

International Exhibition “FLOWERS 2008” 

Podziel się!

XV International Exhibition “FLOWERS 2008”

Moscow, Russia, VVC, Pavilion No. 69, 4-7 September 2008
Total exhibition area:
16 000 sq.m of indoor space,
20 000 sq.m of outdoor space.
Exhibition participants:
700 companies - including 400 Russian companies and 300 international companies. The exhibition (both its indoor and outdoor space) was visited by 60 000 people. Professionals made up 40%.
A strong group of 15 nurseries in the Polish Nurserymen’s Association was present in Moscow ornamental trees and shrubs, roses and perennials. One large joint stand was created a beautiful garden, in which every firm could serve clients among the plants. The Association’s information point was also provided information about the production offer of non-exhibition Association Nurseries