17 July 2020


Podziel się!

Organizer of the Competition is the Polish Nurserymen Association and Agencja Promocji Zieleni Sp. z o.o.

The subject of the Competition are trees, shrubs, climbers, small shrubs  and perennials from climactic zones USDA 1-7b.

To participate in the Competition, we invite companies participating in the GREEN IS LIFE & FLOWER EXPO POLAND ONLINE promotional platform and producers, breeders, creators of new varieties that do not participate in it, who would like to disseminate their plants and offer them to a wide audience.

The aim of the competition is to promote companies and the plant novelties they submit, which should be "new", ie just introduced into production, cultivated in Poland for no more than 5 years, or returning to the market after a very long break, and cannot be plants attending at previous editions of the Plant Novelties Competition. Due to the online nature of the competition, the basis for the international jury's decision will be comprehensive information on reported taxa and photographic documentation. These materials will also form the basis for further promotion (details in the REGULATIONS).

Participation in the competition is related to a wide promotion of the novelties themselves and the companies submitting it.

Plant portraits along with the information about the entity submitting the plant to the competition are to be published on: 

zielony haczyk websites of the Polish Nurserymen Association (Związek Szkółkarzy Polskich) and GREEN IS LIFE & FLOWER EXPO POLAND ONLINE,

zielony haczyk in Virtual Guide sent to 31,000 industry recipients,

zielony haczyk in Facebook posts on the profiles of the Association and the GREEN IS LIFE,

zielony haczyk at e-katalogroslin.pl, which was visited by over 730,000 users only in May this year,

zielony haczyk displayed on A1 posters in public areas in Warsaw from 10 until 30 September 2020

zielony haczyk promoted in gardening magazines, also in the form of special supplements, and through social media.

Information about the awarded plants and plants with distinctions will be:

strzalka   forwarded to horticultural publishing houses in Poland: AVT, Abrys, Media Expets, Burda Media, Hortpress, Plantpress, and leading foreign media, such as DeutscheBaumschule, FloraCulture International, Floral Daily, Horti Daily,

strzalka    made available to special interest media, lifestyle media and gardening bloggers

strzalka   published in the Nursery Catalogue of the Polish Nurserymen Association, (Związek Szkółkarzy Polskich) 2021, issued in 4,000 copies and distributed among professionals, and the silhouette of the plant awarded with a gold medal will appear on the cover.

>>detailed information on the history of the competition is available at www.zszp.pl<<