24 August 2007

XV International Exhibition "Green is Life"

Podziel się!

Over 240 companies from 9 countries participated in the XV International ,,GREEN IS LIFE" Exhibition, held on August 24-27, 2007 at the EXPO XXI Center in Warsaw. This is the largest trade fair for plants and gardens in Poland and Central Europe, with the active participation of leading nurseries and garden farms from Poland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Hungary and Italy, as well as companies offering garden technology and garden furnishings. This year's Exposition was attended by 16,500 individuals, including over 5,000 individuals with a professional interest in the subject.

The offering of the exhibitors was primarily directed at wholesale customers: the sales staff of garden centers, wholesalers, markets, as well as investors from local and municipal authorities, designers and companies implementing ,,green investments". At the same time, however, this attractive form of presenting plants also aroused the interests of many retail customers, who visited the trade fair in substantial numbers on Saturday and Sunday. On a total of 116 plant stands (including 45 from abroad) trees, bushes, coniferous plants, creepers, perennial plants, roses and seasonal flowers were presented. There was an especially distinctive offering intended for planting in cities. Many exhibitors attracted attention with highly creative arrangements, tying in with the ,,Magic Garden" exhibition theme. The interest of visitors was also aroused by plant novelties, especially those recognized in the Plant Contest: the silver medal winning ivy (Hedera helix 'Professor Seneta') with exceptional marble patterned leaves and the bronze medal winning hydrangea with a typical ,,curly" flower petals (Hydrangea paniculata GREAT STARR). In addition to plants, there was an impressive display of technology supporting and streamlining plant production - machines and equipment, as well as items required to run a nursery - substrates, fertilizers, protection formulas, packaging and marking systems, garden foils and fabrics. A total 82 companies, including 7 foreign companies, represented this part of the garden industry. Many of these exhibitors targeted their offerings to companies performing services for green areas, as well as individual customers, interested in new garden cultivation items. The exhibitors representing this part of the industry competed in a contest to award the Green Laurel in the categories of garden and green area product and product for nurseries.

The exhibition also presented the newest trends in garden decorations and finishing materials, the most noteworthy of which included various types of surfaces, decorative pots and containers, sculptures and fountains. Garden books, albums and publications were presented and sold by all of the most important publishers in this field. The ,,Green is Life" Exhibition was also the location of numerous business meetings. In addition to information on novelties and contacts, the meetings served to integrate the industry and promote the exchange of experience. This was also the primary goal of events associated with the trade fair: the conference on municipal greenery, with over 200 participants, responsible for managing green areas on behalf of municipal and local governments throughout Poland. The Seminar on effective management of a garden center was organized by a specialist from Great Britain and attracted over 100 participants. Members of the public visiting the exposition were highly interested in novelties, actively participating in garden demonstrations and lectures, also purchasing plants at the sales fair organized together with the exposition.