1 October 2010

XVII International Exhibition “FLOWERS 2010” 

Podziel się!

XVII International Exhibition "FLOWERS 2010"

Moscow, Russia, VVC, Pavilion No. 69, 2-5 September 2010

Total exhibition area:
16 000 sq.m of indoor space,
20 000 sq.m of outdoor space.
Exhibition participants:
700 companies - including 400 Russian companies and 300 international companies from 30 countries. The exhibition (both its indoor and outdoor space) was visited by 40 000 people. Professionals about 16 000.

A strong group of 14 nurseries in the Polish Nurserymen’s Association was present in Moscow ornamental trees and shrubs, roses and perennials. One large joint stand was created a beautiful garden, in which every firm could serve clients among the plants. The Association’s information point was also provided information about the production offer of non-exhibition Association Nurseries.
The organizers praised the PNA stand gold medal and diploma for the best decorated and designed the exhibition. Also two plants was awarded in the “New” competition. Silver Medal - hydrangea Hydrangea paniculata 'Limelight' - reported by the Ornamental Trees and Shrubs Nursery Joanna and Bronislaw Szmit and a bronze medal Clematis 'Królowa Jadwiga' from the company CLEMATIS Container Nursery sj Sz. Marczyński, W. Piotrowski.