8 September 2017

XXV International Exhibition

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25th International “GREEN IS LIFE” Expo 2017 – summary

The 25th anniversary edition of the GREEN IS LIFE international plant fair was held from 31 August to 2 September in Warsaw at the EXPO XXI.  This was the second year for the Flower Expo Polska – devoted to floristry, cut and potted flowers.

The “Chill out in the garden” theme brought attention to the ecological and social benefits of green surroundings.

300 exhibitors from 12 countries participated in the fair.  Foreign firms made up more than 20% of total exhibitors.  Other than Poland, Holland was best represented, followed by Belgium, Denmark and France.  Exhibitors from German, Great Britain, Ireland and Lithuania were also present.  The floral sector was dominated by exhibitors from Holland, Poland in a lineup of other firms from Columbia, Ecuador, Kenya and Italy. The merger of both sectors provided fair-goers with a complete offer of plants and garden products as well as interior decoration.

New to this year’s edition was the Wholesale Platform for Plants – Greenery. The plant order system dedicated to wholesaler customers made its debut at Green is Life.  During the first session, industry guests not only learned about the system, they could also make specific orders, choosing plants from more than 1000 positions represented at the nearly 2000 m2 exhibition space.

Another new feature was the Bonsai Show. Over three days, visitors could watch the work of masters and see how they perform their work.

Fair guests 
16860 guests attended the fair, including 7037 professionals from 40 countries.  The first two days were designated for professionals.

The main groups of professional guests at 2017:

•             plant growers and nurserymen  - 23,58%,

•             buyers and managers of retail  - 18,96%,

•             landscape architects, contractors - 24,18%

•             local government specialists dealing with public greenery (5,73%)

•             florists, floral shop owners and wholesalers (9,63%), a

•             suppliers of horticultural technology products and services (6,79%).

The most numerous foreign guests were from Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Holland and Belgium   Visitors also came from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldavia as well as far away countries like India, China and RSA.

Strong plant offer
The Warsaw “Green is Life” Fair consistently presents the most extensive offer of plants in Poland.  Diversity, internationality and scale are the most important presentation values at the Warsaw show. Market halls are filled with plants that we will see next season in commercial sales – at shops, garden centers, flower stores, as well as in private and public gardens. Exhibitors showed deciduous shrubs, conifers, roses, creepers and the growing presence of perennials and grasses. There was no shortage of trees - in response to growing needs of local governments. Nurseries and horticulturalists could get acquainted with the offer of young plants for further production and, of course, new varieties. The offer of cut Christmas trees and accessories for the holiday season was quite strong. Another clearly visible trend among exhibitors was the return to amateur fruits and herbs.  Fruit plants for further production, as well as ready-made products in attractive packaging intended for sale in retail outlets, were on display at stands. Within the Flower Expo Polska, producers and distributors presented mainly cut flowers, but also other plants for interior decoration – including orchids, tillands and potted plants. There was no shortage of accessories for decoration and floral accessories.  The roses aroused the biggest emotions - especially tall roses up to 1.7 m and others dyed in surprising colors.  Carnations, eustomas, lilies and orchids attracted viewers.

Attractive and ingenious exhibits are the distinguishing feature of many stalls at Green is Life. First and foremost, they attract the attention to the firm and its products. Some exhibitors go a step further by preparing displays that include a piece of the garden or have an educational aspect. These are ready ideas for the garden or terrace and an inspiration for fair visitors.  Additionally, floral masters who accompanied the Flower EXPO provided a lot of inspiration. Craft like and fresh ideas of famous names from the world of floristry from Poland, the Netherlands, Russia, and Estonia are a strong attraction point for industry visitors to the flower hall.

Technology, care and decorations
Exhibitors also presented technical solutions - mainly machinery and equipment, as well as technologies for plant production, including for maintenance of green areas. Garden decorations and furnishings presented at the Exhibition include pots, ornamental shields and supports for plants, green roofs or walls, fencing systems, surface materials, aggregates, gabions and decorative accessories. There was also an offer to furnish relaxation space and barbecues. Professionals were also interested in packaging systems, software and logistics support solutions. Landscape architects were interested in design software. The offer of specialist publications was quite extensive.
This wide presentation and the opportunity to meet specialists and experts in one place, no doubt form an impetus for the industry - merchants, designers, landscape firms, decorators, public sector professionals.  This always comprises a strong dose of ideas, information, solutions and of course, contacts.
Contests accompanying the exhibition are always exciting, attracting visitors and observers alike. The GREEN LAUREL competition included products, technologies for nurseries, gardens and green areas, as well as sales concepts.

GREEN LAUREL for a nursery product was awarded:
Clematis Źródło Dobrych Pnączy for the product: Plant catalog 2017-2018

DISTINCTION awarded to:
Hurtownia Szkółkarska J.Z.W. CUR for the product: Multi-variety apple tree

19 applicants competed in the prestigious PLANT NOVELTIES COMPETITION, the only one of its kind in Poland.  The jury awarded 4 medalists and 2 distinctions.

Tawułka - Astilbe COLOR FLASH 'Beauty of Ernst' 
Applicant: OGRODY O ZIELONYCH PROGACH – Szkółka Bylin, Przemysław Godlewski,

Powojnik Clematis ‘Taiga’ PBR 
Applicant: CLEMATIS Źródło Dobrych Pnączy,


Zadrzewnia okazała Diervilla ×splendens DIVA 'El Madrigal' PBR
Applicant: Szkółki KUROWSCY

Cyprysik Lawsona Chamaecyparis lawsoniana ‘Karaca’
Applicant: Szkółka Krzewów Ozdobnych Jolanta i Jan NOWACZYK,

Budleja Buddleja 'Pink Micro Chip'
Applicant: Szkółka Krzewów Ozdobnych Bogdan HAJDROWSKI,


Applicant: PEPINIERES MINIER – Minier Solutions PRO

Dereń Cornus VENUS ® PBR
Applicant: Szkółka Drzew i Krzewów FRYSZKOWSCY 

The best stand arrangements were honored with LAURELS.

plant stands  




non-plant stands    

ICL Polska Sp. z o.o. – GOLD LAUREL



floral stands

Plastiflora Sp. z o.o., Sp. K. – GOLD LAUREL

Van Vliet Flower Group – SILVER LAUREL

Flowerforce B.V. – BRONZE LAUREL

Fair program
The 25th edition, full of events – seminars, conferences, meetings with experts, workshops and shows, attracted throngs of participants.  Current issues, knowledge of specialists, systematized information, that we often lack the time to search for, also comprise an opportunity to discuss basic strong points of the exhibition meetings.

“Knowledge for Producers” seminars directed to nurseries and horticulturalists, along with “Knowledge for Trade” seminars devoted to marketing issues and the creation of effective, self-selling store displays were held on the first day of the fair. were held on marketing issues and the creation of effective "self-selling" store displays. Also, florist owners could participate in a meeting on “Metamorphoses of flower stores”. Most important on this day for landscape architects, was a workshop about design software. On Friday, the strongest point of the program was the “Green City” conference devoted to public greenery, which attracted more than 250 people from dozens of towns across the country and a design workshop with Ann-Marie Powell - a British gardendesigner. The English design style was one of the themes during the “Day of Landscape Architect Day” on Saturday, 2 September, at which Ann-Marie was one of the main guests.

In addition, the program included a meeting of gardening bloggers and workshops prepared by them, presentations and lectures on gardening. The main program for amateur visitors was scheduled for Saturday. Visitors enjoyed free workshops, expert advice, lectures, bonsai and floral shows. At the plant fair accompanying the Expo visitors could buy rare and new plants for the duration of the show.

The Expo showed new products, trends and opportunities.  Visitors could see new solutions, ideas, novelties. It was the place of thousands of meetings and conversations of people involved in both the “green business”, but also those who are the final customers – garden owners and enthusiasts who visit the exposition every year in large numbers.


The next, 26th edition of the  GREEN IS LIFE Expo just a year away!


6-8 September 2018 at EXPO XXI WARSZAWA