16 July 2019

Betula pendula FASTIGIATA JOES

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Betula pendula FASTIGIATA JOES 'Jolep1'

A tree with narrow columnar habit, growing up to 10 m in height. All shoots and branches are upright, they grow from trunks at acute angle. In case of older plants, the trunk, covered with white bark is decorative. The leaves are typical for the species, diamond-shaped, pointed at the ends, green, glossy outside, in the fall they turn yellow.  In the early spring the male golden inflorescences are ornamental. The tree does not require much as regards soil and is resistant to diseases, it is recommended to be grown in sunny locations. Hardiness zone: 2. It is perfect for planting along the streets and alleys in housing estates, use in parks and around office buildings as well as in small private gardens.

Breeder: John de Lepper, The Netherlands

Applicant: BREEDERPLANTS V.O.F., Botterwerf 14, 2804 MK Gouda, The Netherlands