16 July 2019


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A perennial with unique, elongated, violet and purple flowers gathered in head inflorescences at the tops of the upright shoots. The stems are four-angular, leaves are oval-shaped, pointed at the ends, dark green, placed facing each other. It blooms abundantly from June to August, luring numerous butterflies and bees. It grows fast, by creating dense clumps up to 80 cm in height. The whole plant is pleasantly aromatic. It requires sunny locations, moist to moderately moist, clayish soil, rich in humus, with 5.8-6.5 pH. The variety is resistant to frost. Hardiness zone: 4. It is distinguished by the increased resistance to mildew. The plant is recommended to be grown in traditional perennial flowerbeds, in rustic, modern gardens as well as for plantings friendly to insects.

Breeder: AB Cultivars, The Netherlands

Applicant: VITROFLORA Grupa Producentów Sp. z o.o., Trzęsacz 25, 86-022 Dobrcz, Poland