18 July 2019

Clematis 'Taiga'PBR

Podziel się!

The climbing vines are with intriguing, always double, purple-blue flowers with yellow-green endings of sepals. It reaches 2-2.5 m in height, climbs with the help of leaves and petioles. The flowers are medium-size, very decorative, variable in shape, appear in June. Later, the plant blooms until September. The variety is frost resistant (zone 6a), it awarded a silver medal on Plantarium fairs in 2016.

Breeder: Masatake Udagawa, Japan. Market introduction: 2016.

Applicant: CLEMATIS Źródło Dobrych Pnączy, PL-05-800 Pruszków, ul. Duchnicka 27, Poland