24 July 2019

DeutziaYuki Cherry Blossom 'NCDX2' PBR

Podziel się!

The low growing, short deciduous shrub with hemispherical habit and two-coloured flowers, grows up to 30-40 cm in height. The leaves are lanceolate, green, in autumn they change colours into red and purplish red.  The flowers are single, formed of plates which are pink inside and white outside, gathered in numerous inflorescences. The shrub blooms in May and June. The variety is frost resistant (6a zone), fit for cultivating in containers.

Breeder: Thomas G. Ranney, USA. Market introduction: North Carolina State University.

Applicant: PEPINIERES MINIER – Minier Solutions PRO, FR-49250 Beaufort en Vallée, 25 route des Fontaines de l’Aunay-BP 79, France