24 July 2019

Rhododendron XXL 'Hort02' PBR

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Rhododendron XXL 'Hort02' PBR

The evergreen, compact shrub with big, two-coloured flowers. It grows up to 40 cm in height. The leaves are coriaceous, dark green, the flower buds have intense carmine colour. The flowers are very big, bell-shaped, two-coloured, with frilled edges, of carmine-red colour, white inside. The shrubs bloom in May. The variety is sensitive to frost (7b zone), in Poland it is recommended for cultivation in containers which are hidden from winter.

Breeder: Hortibreed, Belgium. Market introduction: Hortibreed, 2013.

Applicant: BVBA BLOEMISTERIJ LEYBAERT, BE-9180 Moerbeke – Waas, Lededstraat 3, Belgium