24 July 2019

Spiraea japonica Little Flame® 'Minspil04'

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Spiraea japonica Little Flame® 'Minspil04'

The short, thick shrub with compact, ball-shaped habit, yellow leaves and pink flowers, it grows up to 30-40 cm in height. The shoots are purplish red, the leaves are elliptic, of lemon-yellow colour, in spring they are pink-orange. The flowers are dark pink, gathered in flat inflorescences, they appear at the end of annual shoots in June and July. The variety is frost resistant (5 zone).

Breeder: Pépinières Minier, France. Market introduction: Pépinières Minier, 2017.

Applicant: PEPINIERES MINIER – Minier Solutions PRO, FR-49250 Beaufort en Vallée, 25 route des Fontaines de l’Aunay-BP 79, France