24 July 2019

Thuja occidentalis Dark Embers

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Thuja occidentalis Dark Embers 'Lesdasma' PBR

The coniferous shrub with regular, conical habit, the habit and the arrangement of shoots are almost the same as in 'Smaragd' variety but with significantly darker phyllotaxis. It grows up to 6-7 m in height. The shoots are numerous, branches flat, covered with hulls of especially deep, dark green colour, nicely contrasting with the orange skin of new shoots. The variety is frost resistant (5b zone).

Breeder: Jan Lescow, Germany. Market introduction: German nurseries, 2016.

Applicant: Szkółka SZMIT, PL-06-400 Ciechanów, Pęchcin, ul. Kwiatowa 18, Poland