24 July 2019

Laburnum anagyroides YELLOW ROCKET

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Laburnum anagyroides YELLOW ROCKET 'LAYR' PBR

A small, multi-trunked tree with a columnar habit. Raised, straight shoots arranged close to each other, forming a compact, narrow crown. Dark green trifoliate leaves are set on long petioles. Plant grows up to 5 m in height. The yellow, butterfly flowers develop at the end of May, gathered in long, drooping inflorescences. On sunny days they have a gentle and pleasant smell, attracting numerous pollinating insects.

The plant is not very demanding in relation to soil type, prefers permeable, warm, sunny and secluded substrates. Tolerates drought, air pollution, is frost resistant (zone 6b). Requires winter protection in the East of Poland.

Recommended for planting in small backyard and residential gardens and in cities. Useful for growing in containers.

Variety obtained in Hungary by Kiss Kertész, introduced to the market in 2018.

Applicant: BREEDERPLANTS VOF, Botterwerf 14, 2804 MK Gouda, The Netherlands