13 August 2020

Geum 'Bohema Pink' PBR

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Geum 'Bohema Pink' PBR

A Polish variety of geum, bred by Przemysław Godlewski at a nursery in Skubianka. This tufted perennial forms rosettes of dark green, complex leaves in the spring, from which purple, branched inflorescence shoots emerge and crowned with flowers. The flowers are very large, the largest when compared to garden geum varieties; up to 5 cm in diameter, semi-full, pink, with a characteristic upward and side-up orientation. Crown petals are wrinkled and wavy, surrounded by yellow stamens and pistils gathered inside. Compared to the older cultivars of geum, ‘Bohema Pink’ blooms early, already at the turn of April and May. During flowering, it reaches 30-40 cm in height. The entire plant is covered with soft hairs. Frost-resistant perennial (zone 5b). It grows best in fresh, slightly moist soils and sunny positions. Recommended for planting in flower beds and in naturalistic compositions. It works very well in the company of low grasses and creeping perennials.

Breeder: Przemysław Godlewski

Introduced to the market: 2020

Applicant: OGRODY O ZIELONYCH PROGRACH - Szkółka Bylin, Przemysław Godlewski, Skubianka, ul. Zegrzyńska 80, 05-140 Serock, Poland