13 August 2020

Veronica spicata ‘Anniversary Rose’ PBR

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Low, bushy perennial with numerous pink flowers, reaching 20-30 cm in height during flowering. The plant forms rosettes of dark green, lanceolate leaves, notched at the edges, from which short stalks grow, topped with slender, spike-shaped inflorescences. Distinct, small, dark pink flowers, gathered in unbranched, narrow clusters. While the first lower flower buds are developing, the tips of the inflorescences are still lush green, which gives an interesting color contrast. Shorter side inflorescences grow from the axils of the stem leaves below the apical inflorescence. The plant blooms in late June and blooms until August. Frost resistant variety (zone 3), prefers sunny positions, grows well in average garden soils. Recommended for planting in flower beds and suited for growing in pots or boxes on balconies and terraces.

Breeder: Florensis

Introduced to the market: 2020

Applicant: Gospodarstwo Specjalistyczne Panek Dariusz Panek, ul. Dąbrowskiej 12, 05-800 Pruszków, Poland