22 July 2021

Alstroemeria RIVER VALLEY ‘Tessumriver’

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Alstroemeria RIVER VALLEY® ‘Tessumriver’ PBR

A variety of the Summer Paradise® series from the valley line, growing only up to 35 cm in height. A characteristic feature of the plant is its low compact habit, creamy-fringed leaves and large pink flowers with a yellow throat and exotic-looking, dark stripes on the inner petals. The flowers form on the tops of the stems emerging from underground rhizomes, gathered in umbellate inflorescences.  The perennial blooms long and profusely, from late June to the first autumn frosts. The plant prefers fertile, humus, well-drained, moderately moist, slightly acid soils, in sunny to slightly shady positions. When planted in the ground, it requires careful protection against frost, and covering with a 10-15 cm thick layer of bark before winter. Plants grown in containers on balconies and terraces should be stored in rooms with a temperature close to 0°C. The variety is recommended for planting on the edges of flower beds and for cultivation in containers on balconies and terraces.

Breeder: HilverdaFlorist-Hortipartners, The Netherlands

Market launch: 2020

Applicant: CLEMATIS ŹRÓDŁO DOBRYCH PNĄCZY Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. ul. Duchnicka 27, 05-800 Pruszków, Poland