22 July 2021

Buddleja davidii BUTTERFLY TOWER ‘Tobud1305’

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Buddleja davidii BUTTERFLY TOWER  ‘Tobud1305’ PBR

A variety with an interesting, upright habit, taking the form of a profusely flowering column or a narrow cone. It grows up to 2 m in height and 1 m width. It creates numerous, soaring shoots covered with greenish-gray, lanceolate leaves with smooth edges. Fragrant purple-violet flowers gathered at the tops of shoots in elongated paniculate inflorescences, 20-25 cm long, directed upwards. It blooms from July to fall, and attracts numerous butterflies and other pollinating insects. Systematic cutting of faded inflorescences stimulates the formation of new flower buds. The plant has average soil requirements, prefers sunny positions, sheltered from the wind in winter. Withstands temperature drops down to about -20°C. In the spring it needs to be trimmed 10 cm above the ground. The plant is recommended for planting in home gardens, singly or in groups, in compositions with other shrubs and perennials.

Breeder: Branded Garden Products Ltd. (Thompson & Morgan), United Kingdom

Market launch: 2019

Applicant: HOOGENRAAD HANDELSKWEKERIJEN BV Rijksweg 30a, 6744WB Ederveen, The Netherlands