22 July 2021

Cercis canadensis GOLDEN FALLS ‘NC2015-12’

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Cercis canadensis GOLDEN FALLS ‘NC2015-12’ PLP

A small tree with decorative golden leaves and picturesquely overhanging shoots, growing up to 2-3 m in height. It is the first weeping Judas tree variety with golden foliage. Large, heart-shaped, yellow leaf blades set on long petioles. The variety is characterized by good vigor, healthy leaves not damaged by direct sunlight. Decorative pink flowers develop at the turn of April and May.  They form directly on trunks and branches, and on young branches. The tree grows well in neutral to alkaline garden soils, moderately moist and well-drained. Prefers sunny to semi-shady, warm locations, sheltered from the wind in winter. The variety is recommended for planting in home and estate gardens, in exposed places and in compositions with plants with dark foliage.

Breeder: Dennis James Werner, USA

Market launch: 2019

Applicant: SZKÓŁKARSTWO OZDOBNE OLSZEWSCY 42-262 Poczesna, Poland