22 July 2021

Cornus alba MIRACLE ’Verpaalen02‘

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Cornus alba MIRACLE Verpaalen02‘ PBR

Shrub with multi-colored leaves and attractive red shoots ornamental and eye-catching in winter. It grows up to 2-3 m in height and similar width. The variety is characterized by white and pink-edged  green leaves. The pink color of the border is especially visible in spring and early summer. In autumn, before falling, the leaves intensely change color to pink and purple. Easy to grow variety, tolerant as to soil type, resistant to frost. Best colored leaves produced when planted in sunny locations. The variety is recommended for planting in home gardens, creating expressive color compositions with other shrubs or using larger masses.

Breeder: Henricus C.E.M. Verpaalen, The Netherlands

Market launch: 2021

Applicant: SZKÓŁKA SZMIT ul. Kwiatowa 18, 06-400 Pęchcin, Poland