22 July 2021

Ginkgo biloba GOLD FLAME ’Desginb2’

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Ginkgo biloba GOLD FLAME® ’Desginb2’

A compact tree with a narrow columnar shape and attractive foliage. The diameter of the crown is narrower than that of the reference variety 'Blagon'. Typical growth rate for the species. The plant forms a stout leader and short, raised side branches. Light green, leathery, fan-shaped leaves turn yellow intensively in autumn.  Male variety, does not set seeds. The tree is free from pests and diseases, tolerates unfavorable growing conditions, adapts well to the urban environment. The variety is recommended for planting in home gardens, estate greenery, creating lanes and planting park alleys and roads.

Breeder: Pépinières Desmartis SA, France

Market launch: 2019

Applicant: MINIER PEPINIERES – MINIER PROFESSIONAL SOLUTION, HORTIVAL DIFFUSION 25 route des Fontainses de l’Aunay Beaufort en Anjou 49250, France