22 July 2021

Heuchera ‘Rex Black’

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Heuchera ‘Rex Black’ PBR

A variety from the Rex series reaching large sizes, selected in terms of suitability for cultivation in urban, park and estate green areas. The cultivar is characterized by strong growth, exceeding the classic varieties of heuchera. Under optimal conditions its clumps can reach 0.5 m in height (1.1 m during flowering) and 0.7 m in width. The leaves are large, dark, from almost black to dark green, they are firmly and densely placed on the stem, which makes the plant resistant to strong gusts of wind, rain or even hail. Resistant to frost, lively, it grows well even in dry and shaded places. Prefers semi-shady positions and, after becoming well rooted in the ground, also tolerates direct sunlight. It fits well with other perennial plants in perennial beds, looks good in softer homogeneous groups, especially during the flowering period.

Breeder: AB-Cultivars, The Netherlands

Market launch: 2021

Applicant: VITROFLORA GRUPA PRODUCENTÓW Sp. z o.o. Trzęsacz 25, 86-022 Dobrcz, Poland