22 July 2021

Hydrangea paniculata SKYFALL ‘Frenne’

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Hydrangea paniculata SKYFALL ‘Frenne’ PBR

A small, compact deciduous shrub that grows up to 1.2 m in height and 70 cm in width. The plant blooms profusely on this year's shoots, from July to October. Although its inflorescences are large and densely filled with flowers, stiff shoots are able to support their weight. Initially, the inflorescences are light green, then turn white, at the end of flowering they turn light pink. They are filled with flowers reminiscent of hyacinth flowers, unusual for this species. The plant prefers sunny or semi-shady positions, fertile, moist but well-drained soil. Frost-resistant. Spring pruning helps to keep a compact habit. Suitable for growing in small home gardens and in containers. It can be planted singly, as a solitaire, or in groups, in the form of a natural low hedge.

Breeder: Guido Rouwette, The Netherlands

Market launch: 2018

Applicant: SZKÓŁKI ROŚLIN OZDOBNYCH WAŻYŃSCY Pniewo 37, 99-311 Bedlno, Poland