22 July 2021

Picea omorika ‘Golden Rain’

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Picea omorika ‘Golden Rain’

A variety selected in Poland with yellow young shoots and a light lime color of older needles. It grows slightly slower compared to the species. After 10 years of cultivation, the tree reaches a height of about 3.5-4 m, taking the shape of a regular cone. It prefers sunny locations, necessary for intensive coloring of the needles, and the needles are resistant to burns by the strong sun's rays. Low soil and moisture requirements, typical for the species. The tree looks best when planted singly as a solitaire. From a distance, it stands out from other plants in the garden with an interesting bright color.

Breeder: Krzysztof Wolski, Poland

Market launch: 2017

Applicant: DAGLEZJA ARTUR MAJ SZKÓŁKA ROŚLIN ul. Okopowa 60, 08-500 Ryki, Poland