22 July 2021

Picea pungens ‘Szelest’

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Picea pungens ‘Szelest’

A Polish variety of blue spruce with blue colored needles, irregularly appearing cream-discolored fragments of branches within the crown. The plant takes regular form of a cone. Growth typical for the species, after 10 years of cultivation, the tree reaches 2-3 m in height. Stiff, prickly, silver-blue needles, cream on some of the shoots, and their color remains throughout the summer and winter. A tree with low soil and moisture requirements, fully frost resistant. Recommended for planting in exposed places. Young strains easily form a straight leader, which is a significant advantage in the nursery production and cultivation of this variety.

Breeder: Sylwester Szelest, Poland

Market launch: 2020

Applicant: SZKÓŁKA DRZEW I KRZEWÓW OZDOBNYCH M&S SZELEST ul. Sandomierska 52, 37-415 Zbydniów, Poland