22 July 2021


Podziel się!


A variety from the series of INCREDIBLE ROSES® bedding roses grown for aromatic, edible flowers. The shrub grows up to 80 cm in height, blooms very intensively in June and repeats flowering in August. The flowers are 7 cm in diameter, full, dark pink, composed of an average of 138 small petals emitting a fruity aroma reminiscent of raspberries. These petals can be used to decorate cakes, desserts, salads and other dishes, or they can be made into preserves, syrups or rose water. The petals contain substances beneficial to health, incl. vitamin C, antioxidants, essential oils. The variety is suitable for cultivation in the ground and containers. The requirements do not differ from other bedding roses.  Frost-resistant. In spring, bushes should be pruned to 1/3 of their height.

Breeder: Pheno Geno Roses, Serbia/The Netherlands

Market launch: 2019

Applicant: GOSPODARSTWO SZKÓŁKARSKIE ŁAZUCCY ul. Warecka 110, 05-604 Jasieniec, Poland