22 July 2021

Sambucus racemosa LEMONY LACE ‘SMNSRD4’

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Sambucus racemosa LEMONY LACE® ‘SMNSRD4’ PBR

Shrub with deeply pinnatisect yellow leaves and a light, openwork habit. It grows up to 2-3 m in height and similar width. Lacy, large, compound leaves with heavily reduced and incised laminae, the youngest are brownish, later turning lemon-yellow. Tiny white flowers are gathered in small paniculate inflorescences, appearing in early May with developing leaves. The fruit, in the form of small, spherical, scarlet-red berries, ripens from mid-June to July. The shrub is undemanding as to cultivation. It grows well in sunny and semi-shaded positions, in average garden soils, moderately moist, well-drained, slightly acidic to alkaline. Fully frost resistant variety, regenerates well after pruning. Cutting after flowering recommended, then the plant forms strong and dense, leafy shoots. The variety is recommended for cultivation in home gardens and parks, in color compositions with other shrubs and as a solitaire in exposed places.

Breeder: Timothy D. Wood, USA

Market launch: 2014

Applicant: SZKÓŁKI KUROWSCY ul. Kurowska 105, 24-130 Końskowola, Poland