22 July 2021

Vaccinium corymbosum CABERNET SPLASH ‘VacBri1’

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Vaccinium corymbosum CABERNET SPLASH™ ‘VacBri1’ PBR

Blueberry variety with red-colored leaves, combining the qualities of an ornamental and useful plant, obtained as a sport of the 'Toro' variety. After three years the plant grows up to 0.8 m in height. It is distinguished by leaves of a dark, noble wine color. Young leaves are reddish-purple, green discoloration appears in summer, and in autumn they turn red and purple again. White flowers, purple buds, develop in April and May. The sweet and tasty fruits ripen in July and August, are medium-sized, spherical, navy blue and covered with a waxy coating. Frost resistant variety. Requires acidic, humus, moderately moist soils and sunny positions. It is suitable for growing in the form of low hedges and in containers on balconies and terraces. It looks good when planted in moor gardens.

Breeder: Lynne Caton, USA

Market launch: 2020

Applicant: BREEDERPLANTS Leeghwaterstraat 25, 2811 DT Reeuwijk, The Netherlands