5 August 2022

Abelia chinensis AUTUMN FESTIVAL®

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Abelia chinensis AUTUMN FESTIVAL®

Cultivar denomination: 'Minabaut01' PBR

A new, strongly propagating variety with a much denser habit than the species. In late summer, the bush is covered with a mass of slightly fragrant flowers. The flowers in buds are pink, after unfolding they are white, with decorative, pink calyxes that decorate plants for a long period after flowering until late autumn. One of the most interesting flowering shrubs in the second half of summer.  Due to the insufficient winter hardiness in Poland, it is recommended for cultivation on balconies and terraces as a container plant, kept for the winter in cool, bright rooms. It is suitable for cultivation in the ground only in the warmest regions of the country.

Hardiness zone: 7b -14/-12 °C

Breeder: Hortival Diffusion, France

Year of market introduction: 2022

Applicant: Hortival Diffusion – Minier, Les Fontaines de l'Aunay, 49250 Beaufort-en-Vallée, France