5 August 2022

Buddleja davidii BERRIES & CREAM

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Buddleja davidii BERRIES & CREAM

Cultivar denomination: 'Pmoore14' PBR

A variety that draws attention with its original, two-color flowers. It is an upright deciduous shrub, it grows up to about 2 m in height and 1.5 m in width. Dark green leaves, very mossy, in the shape typical of the species. Blooms profusely from July to September on this year's shoots. Small, purple-cream flowers are gathered in oblong inflorescences measuring 15-20 cm. Systematic removal of old bloom inflorescences stimulates the plant to create new buds and extends the flowering period. The advantage of this variety is much more intense, compared to other varieties of this species, luring butterflies with fragrant and honey-bearing flowers. The plant prefers sunny, sheltered, fertile, well-drained and sufficiently moist soil. For abundant flowering, a spring cut 10 cm above the ground is recommended. A winter-hardy variety, recommended for planting in home gardens, in exposed places.

Hardiness zone: 6b -20/-18 °C

Breeder: Peter Moore, The United Kingdom

Year of market introduction: 2016

Applicant: Szkółka Roślin Ozdobnych WAŻYŃSCY, Pniewo 37, 99-311 Bedlno, Poland