5 August 2022

Cercis canadensis ETERNAL FLAME

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Cercis canadensis ETERNAL FLAME

Cultivar denomination: 'NC2016-2' PBR

A shrub or small tree with decorative leaves in intense warm colors that change as it grows. Initially, the leaves are red, over time intensely orange, and the older ones are yellow and green-yellow. During the vegetation period, the plant has leaves of several colors at the same time. Pink flowers, typical of the species, developing directly on trunks and branches in spring, are an additional decorative value of the Judas tree. The plant is recommended for home gardens of various sizes, where it can be planted individually or in color compositions with other shrubs and perennials.

Hardiness zone: 6a -23/-21 °C

Breeder: Dr. Dennis Werner, North Carolina State University, USA

Year of market introduction: 2019

Applicant: Szkółka Szmit, ul. Kwiatowa 18, 06-400 Pęchcin k. Ciechanowa, Poland