5 August 2022

Euonymus japonicus GOLDEN QUINTEN

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Euonymus japonicus GOLDEN QUINTEN

Cultivar denomination: 'Djhen' PBR

Euonymus Golden Quintet shows color all year round. The young leaves are yellow-lime green with some leaves already revealing a small, darker green center. As they mature, the green center becomes larger. The leaves change to white with a green center and yellow-lime green margins.  Finally, the leaves turn green with white margins. Another great feature of Golden Quinten is the upright, bushy growth. The cultivar makes an excellent garden plant but is also very suitable as potted plant on terraces or balconies, or even as a low hedge. It brightens up your garden no matter where you place it.

Hardiness zone: 7a -17/-15 °C

Breeder: S. Hendriksen Beheer B.V., The Netherlands

Year of market introduction: 2021

Applicant: Plantipp BV, Brunel 21, 3401LJ IJsselstein, The Netherlands